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Avoid Costly Post Costs With These Sound Recording Tips

There is a common belief that we can fix “almost” everything in Post; what we forget is “at what price.” Sound is one of those things we tend to neglect during the shoot and while a good sound designer can work miracles in Post, Post-production sound is a very time-consuming and delicate process, which may break your bank, and your film, if it’s not done right. Continue reading

The movie that matters is the one you are making
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Shoot Your Ultra Low Budget Film In Record Time

A friend of mine who is venturing into making her first feature film, called me very excited that she was able to get all the equipment she needed for free: lights, stands, tripods, two cameras, a jibe, two kinds of dollies and a ton of other stuff, enough to fill a huge truck. Sounded great, especially because she’s on a very ultra low budget and being able to get all the equipment for free helps a lot.

Except for one little problem. She can’t afford all that equipment, even for free. Continue reading


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