About me

I’ve been involved in low budget filmmaking for 20 years. Since then, I’ve made several features and shorts, and I helped many fellow filmmakers make theirs. Like many indie filmmakers I had to learn by doing. I had been rejected but also accepted by a lot of film festivals around the world. I’ve won awards and friends, and even some enemies. I’ve been praised and destroyed by critics… But at the end I don’t regret a thing. My intention with this blog is to give you ideas, tips and help you through the filmmaking process. I know it can be tough, but also amazingly rewarding, and when you’re completely in the dark I can hope to give you hope.

What is a filmdoer?

A filmdoer is a filmmaker with a vision and a realistic plan to make that vision a reality. A filmmaker who is not just an artist, but an empowered one. A filmmaker who will not surrender to conventions on how a movie should be made but creates his or her own conventions. A filmdoer is not a filmmaker who follows trends, but creates them. A filmdoer is not someone who waits by the phone, but the one who makes the calls. A filmdoer makes films who appeal to her audience, because she knows who her audience is. A filmdoer approach to budget is simple: it doesn’t matter. If this is appealing to you, this is your blog.


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PS: English is not my native language so bear with me 🙂